CA Notice

Understanding Vintage Vault’s Privacy Practices for California Residents

If you are a resident of California and utilize Vintage Vault products or services, it’s important to comprehend our privacy practices in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Opting Out of Sale and Sharing of Personal Information

California residents have the right to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information and the sharing of their personal information for cross-context behavioral advertising, often termed as “targeted advertising.” The CCPA defines a ‘sale’ broadly, encompassing instances where a third party receives certain information contributing to a profile about your device, browser, or you. This information is instrumental in powering interest-based advertising on Vintage Vault sites and services, facilitating marketing, and ensuring many of our offerings remain affordable or free.

Information Disclosed and Considered a “Sale” under CCPA

We disclose the following information to third parties, and this disclosure may be deemed a “sale” of personal information under the CCPA:

  • Identification and demographics.
  • Device information and identifiers, including IP address and unique advertising identifiers and cookies.
  • Connection and usage information, such as browsing history or app usage.
  • Hashed identifiers [contact information].
  • Geolocation information, such as city.
  • Inference data.

This disclosure is conducted to facilitate marketing and deliver targeted advertising on Vintage Vault Services or other sites. Targeted advertising, including interest-based advertising, plays a crucial role in allowing Vintage Vault to offer you specific content for free and present relevant offers.

Limiting the Use of Sensitive Personal Information

We may use certain sensitive personal information within the boundaries of the law for purposes including analytics and enabling marketing and targeted advertising. An example is displaying an ad relevant to your precise location data.

You have the ability to change your precise geolocation permissions for our mobile apps through your mobile device settings.

Data Retention Duration

We retain your information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described, unless a longer retention is mandated or permitted by law. Factors influencing our retention decisions include the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the information, potential risks, processing purposes, legal requirements, and our legitimate interests.

Different retention periods may apply to the same types of information based on processing purposes and other factors. For example:

  • Your email address is retained as an authentication credential as long as you have an account, with additional time for legitimate interests, fraud prevention, and legal compliance.
  • If you opt out of email marketing, your email is kept on our suppression list for an extended time in compliance with your request.
  • Accounts holding credits or entitlements may be retained to honor benefits per relevant terms and conditions.

We may delete or de-identify your information earlier if we receive a verifiable deletion request, subject to applicable law exemptions. The specific retention period varies across Vintage Vault Services, and additional details may be available on their respective websites or FAQs.

Understanding Vintage Vault’s privacy practices empowers you to make informed decisions about your personal information. We are committed to transparency and compliance with privacy regulations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy digital experience for our California residents.